What is PhenoDrive?

A range of biomimetic triggers

PhenoDrives are user-friendly coatings for tissue culture plastics and 3D scaffolds, easily incorporated into bionics for 3D printing or media additives for suspension culture. In each case they act as drivers of the appropriate cell phenotype and the formation of tissue or organ-like structures (organoids).


What is Nanosperse?

Optimum nanoparticle dispersant

Nanosperse is a solution additive which offers a single-step, time saving, user-friendly way to re-suspend your nanoparticles avoiding aggregation. This novel product promotes experimental reproducibility and reliability when undertaking particle sizing, cell /material interaction studies and microscopy.


Offering an animal free alternative to cell culture

PhenoDrive products exploit synthetic technology to provide a core product which can be modified to allow the bespoke addition and presentation of active mimics of the extracellular matrix.

Ensuring the preservation of cells

PhenoDrive products ensure the preservation of the cells original phenotype, facilitate cell sprouting and their organisation into structures (organoids) similar to those found in living organisms.

Will using PhenoDrives change my cell analysis?

No. Unlike other options available for the in vitro culture of cells, PhenoDrives produce a near-to-monolayer biomimetic functionalisation of surfaces without the need for gel formation. Our products are therefore compatible with standard microscopy and imaging techniques, allowing you to use your regular fixation and staining protocols.

What PhenoDrive product is suitable for my application?

PhenoDrive products are available for use with a wide range of cells depending on your needs and ambitions. Please visit the product page to identify the appropriate PhenoDrive product for your application or contact our team to discuss your requirements further.

What if my application isn’t covered by existing PhenoDrive products?

TissueClicks technology can provide you with a single step addition to your normal cell culture routine. If your need isn’t covered by our existing product range please contact a member of our team to discuss our bespoke PhenoDrive production service.


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Contact us to order