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Tissue Click has a long-standing experience in the field of Biomaterials and regenerative medicine. R&D projects have been conducted in the field of



Biomimicry is our favourite approach. We pursue it from nano-to macro-scale level and by industrially-sustainable approaches


Biomedical devices

Orthopaedic, Cardiovascular, Urological Devices and Wound Dressings have been developed throughout the years by our experts


Tissue engineering constructs

Biomimetic biomaterials are tailor-made to control tissue regeneration in acellular and cellular scaffolds


Cell-based therapy

Our activity in cell-based therapy is mainly focussed towards the control of cell phenotypes through the development of specialised cell culture substrates and serum-free media. We seek for industrial partners interested to develop new products in this market


For each of these fields of applications we are available to be your partner or contractor!